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This course is an introduction to clinical radiography practice and  imaging department of a hospital set-up.  The student is introduced to Professional Code of Ethics, Patient Care & Handling and Radiation Protection application and most importantl, radiographic examinations.

A Clinical Workbook is provided for the student to complete during their placement which is usually done at the Port Moresby General Hospital, Radiology Department. The main emphasis is to observe clinical radiographic examinations; particularly of General Radiography.

Teamwork is encouraged whereby the student partakes in group tasks and discussions during tutorials and placement sessions apart from individual work.

This course is studied in the first semester of second year BMIS students.

It covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to Human anatomy

2. Skeletal system

3. Muscular system

4. Articulations of the human body.

Prerequisites is 1st year science foundation.

This Medical Imaging Science Discipline Course is a continuation of the MRI Series in which the students develop their radiographic techniques in radiation imaging examinations. The students are introduced to chest, abdomen, head and spine radiography. Radiation Safety Practice and Image Quality Factors are further learnt in enhancing the student's competencies towards conventional radiography. 

Medical Radiation Imaging II is a second year course under the Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science program and it introduces the undergraduates to imaging sciences in radiography, specifically the imaging principles, techniques and skills, and radiation protection involved in radiographic procedures and examinations of the axial region of the human anatomy. It is a continuation from MRI I and it covers Chest, Abdomen, Spine and Skull Radiography. Furthermore, it will also help the undergraduate to develop and enhance their written and oral communication (English). The course is significant as it establishes vital connections that enable students to complete the year of study through team effort and correlating with other courses for clinical applications.