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Medical Radiation Imaging IV is the final course in the MRI series undertaken by third year students in the Bachelor of Medical Imaging Science program and it introduces the undergraduates to the Specialised Imaging Techniques in Radiography. The specialised imaging techniques in radiography are those specific significant radiographic techniques employed in general radiography such as Mammography, Dental radiography, Paediatric Radiography, Geriatric Radiography, Mobile Radiography, Surgical Radiography, High Kilovoltage Technique, Soft Tissue Radiography, Breathing Technique, Multiple Radiography, Stereography, Macroradiography, Subtraction and Tomography. Furthermore, it will also help the undergraduate to develop and enhance their written and oral communication (English). The course is significant as it establishes vital connections that enable students to complete the year of study through team effort and correlating with other courses for clinical applications.