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According to the GLOBOCCAN 2020, Papua New Guinea (PNG) has a high incidence of oral cancer than other cancers. GLOBOCCAN designed by the WHO is an online cancer registry database that predicts the cancer incidence and mortality of 36 different cancer types in 185 countries of which PNG is one. However, PNG’s cancer statistics taken from GLOBOCCAN are estimates from the registries of its neighbouring countries and thus does not portray the actual cancer burden of the country. PNG has yet to have its own cancer registry established in the country.

In support of GLOBOCCAN statistics, Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH), oncology unit recent years’ annual statistics, shows oral cancer in comparison to other cancers is prevalent in the country. PMGH is the country’s referral hospital and contains one of only two oncology units available in PNG. It is no doubt that oral cancer is prevalent in the country and it’s becoming a public health concern.

 The dental clinic is one of the initial entry points of an oral cancer patient complaining of a small persistent sore in the mouth. The proposed oral medicine workshop aims to train the dental officers of PNG on early identification of pre-malignant & malignant lesions.
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