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Domain 1        Chair Professor Georgia Guldan         Credit Points: 6

The (paper-based) Patient and Community problems include community health concepts as an integral part of “individual medicine” and written assessments will incorporate these concepts.  In addition, there will be some activities in environmental health, which will contribute to Domain 1 assessment.

            Domain 2        Chair – Dr David Linge                Credit Points: 14

         Basic and clinical science concepts are intrinsic to the Patient and Community (P&C) problems.  Assessment will be primarily by written instruments (papers).  The first trimester P&C problems serve as an introduction to problems affecting children and adults, to the organ systems and to a number of important disease processes.  The concepts, in both basic and clinical sciences, will be revisited and extended over the next 4 years, allowing you to learn in a progressive fashion.  In Block 2, problems affecting the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts will be considered; in Block 3, the problems relate to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 

Domain 3        Chair – Professor John Vince              Credit points: 3

Tutorials in communication skills, medical interviewing and physical examination, commence in year 2 and a number of basic clinical skills will be assessed.  Attendance at scheduled activities is an important aspect of your own professional development and will be recorded; unsatisfactory attendance will impact on your marks and grades in Domain 3 and may also lead to a requirement for additional activities.

Domain 4        ChairProfessor John Vince                   Credit Points 3


Teaching and assessment will include basic computer and information management skills, analysis of biological data, critical analysis of health-related issues and review of papers from the literature.

Domain 5        Chair Dr Clare Tomdia           Credit Points 4


Student and supervisor reports on elective 2 are major components of assessment in Domain 5; marks are subtracted for late submission of contracts and reports.  The "own-learning viva" follows the Group Task and also contributes to Domain 5 assessment.  In cases where a student is required to attend a remedial class (following trimester 1 and 2 assessments in Domain 1 and/or 2), marks will be subtracted for failure to attend these activities.